Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Artists Corner: "Being" from his Mind Art Drawing Collection

Being by artist Justin Michael Jenkins from his Mind CollectionDear collectors, buyers, visitors, and friends,

Every once in a while we will have a feature in our blog called "The Artists Corner" where Justin will join us and give his own unique perspective into the creation, ideas, and flow that went on before and during the creation of a selected drawing from his collections.The drawing the artist chose to discuss today is his work entitled, "Being" from his mind collection. We hope you enjoy this feature and his comments and analysis of what went on during this work of art.

Hello again everyone and thank you for visiting our blog spot once again here at Imaginative pencil. Today i have chosen a work from my mind collection that reveals the three stages of life in a surreal and symbolic way. In this particular work of art, i wanted the three stages of life and our existence to be represented by three unique faces that revealed the age of each person. Each portrait would symbolically represent old age, middle age, and infancy, the triangle of life and the various stages of growth in humanity. I also wanted color to play a unique role in the message i was attempting to achieve within the various shapes and objectivity.

Detail of Being by artist Justin Michael Jenkins from his Mind CollectionWhen i began contemplating the design of this work, i decided that the focal point of this work would be a triangle of faces within the composition. A revolving cycle of existence would go from left to right as the elderly face that shows an older woman would revolve around to the infants face. Since the laws of the universe are reflecting in underlying geometric patterns and shapes, i decided on the triangular shape of the dynamic that the faces would create. As the work progressed, i also decided that the color of the faces would give insight into the emotions and various experiences that await or have defined each particular period or stage of their life. In the elderly face, i wanted the wrinkles and quiet contemplation on her past life to come through in vivid and sharp expression. I decided on making her face green because of her quiet yet accepted envy of the other two who have many more experiences to fill their lives. In the middle aged face, a proud and confident expression looks upward to the right as if they are boldly welcoming any future events that may come into their lives. I decided to let this face remain natural in color since they are in the prime of their existence. In the infants face, an excited, playful, and somewhat shocked expression reveals the childs overwhelming delight and bewilderment at this new and complex world he is about to engage in. I chose the color grey for his face because life and experience has yet to fill his soul and spirit.

In this creation, i also wanted the faces to be in a cosmic environment as walls of various colors surround them and sort of inprison them as they face reality while they grow and experience life. To reveal the connection between old age and infancy, i decided to place the young childs face within the head of the older woman and the older womans head in the childs head. This would visually and symbolically bridge the gap between death and life, or old age and a newborn. In the middle aged persons head, i decided to have a circular cut out which would show a far away star shining in the distant landscape of the universe. This would show the connection between humanity and the infinite structure of the universe and also reveal that the middle aged person is in the middle of this triad of growth which tends to be more self reflective. The spheres within the composition also reflect the underlying laws of life and the universe in relation with the triangular arrangement of the faces.

This edition of the "Artists Corner" is our second edition of many more to follow in this new blog site. I hope you enjoyed my comments regarding this piece and if you want to add any questions to this article please send an email to me at and i will respond to any further questions you may have about this work or the process of creation. If you would like more about my style and approach visit my about the art section on our website at About the Art of Justin Michael Jenkins I want to personally thank you for reading our blog and i hope you find it interesting and informative.


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