Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why color is important to my style of work.

Detail from my pencil work
"The Orchestration of Metaphysical Motion"
Color has always been a natural part of my creations. Like the blood that flows through my veins, color is my way of showing the vibrancy of the spirit and the magical dance of the universe. I see color as not only the underlying spirit of our existence, but the passion and rhythm of the forces of nature that we all respond too.

When I sit down to create a work of art, the structure of the composition becomes a critical component of my analysis of the subject i'm creating. As the work progresses, color becomes a unified part of this creation and symbolizes the grand beauty of life in all its majesty and divine inspiration. For me, color can be a dance across the shapes and forms like the musical tones of a song. It unifies everything and creates a harmonic exploration that is balanced between the communication of shapes and forms. It becomes a separate level of magic and movement as I begin to weave it into the work. Representing objects at face value is not enough, the color needs to transform and become its own agent of change in order for the piece to vibrate on that subtle flow of space. My exploration into the effects of colors together also play a vital role in communicating a response with the viewer in relation to the objective reality of the forms. Certain colors provide a psychological and emotional feeling that accentuates the work into a new level of divine intervention. I want the piece to not only make one think, but to feel the passion and spirit of the overall idea and subject. I want the work to elevate itself beyond reality and color provides a way of transcending the obvious into another world of magical and intuitive inspiration.

A world of magical beauty and imagination is the ultimate goal with my works. I find my soul and spirit naturally gravitate to color for the pure majesty of it. My heart, soul, and spirit flows through the various colors as I feel the beauty grow and manifest throughout the work as my mind remains the filter through which the application becomes analyzed and applied with harmony and flow through a unified dance. I want the color to be balanced as the motion becomes fluid like a group dance where everyone is playing their part and the whole becomes the power of the entire structure. I will continue to embrace color, analyze it, and experiment with it using both my mind and spirit in a fusion of logic and intuition. It feeds my soul, inspires my spirit, and tickles my mind.