Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chess Collection Published in Sachovy Tydenik!

I was very honored not long ago to be published at, which is the most popular chess news agency and news site in the world and on the net (:. The Czechoslovakian magazine, Sachovy Tydenik ,wrote a really nice article about my work and art after seeing my published story on ChessBase. I was pleasantly surprised to see this after a long day in the studio and office! I thought the layout was excellent and i was also really taken back by the way my drawings looked in a grey scale. The dimensions and depth, i thought, really punched out with more explosiveness. At this point, i am contemplating my next series of chess works to be black and white pencil drawings, but on a grander scale. I also want my next chess series to be even more imaginative and i already have some nice concepts in my mind manifesting, although they morph into other ideas continuously.

I want to thank Sach Info in Czechoslovakia for this really wonderful write up! Also big props to the graphic designer who made this entire layout. Great work!

Justin ~~~

To view this collection of my work you can go Here