Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Compelling Dynamic of the Human Body in Relation to Life and the Universe

About five years ago i set sail on a voyage through the deepest caverns of the human body and plunged forward into a world of immense mechanical construction through late night study in my home studio and laboratory/office. The forms, shapes, and various parts of the human body and anatomical structure that i began to discover on my voyage began to remind me of various structures we see in everyday life. I began to clearly see this connection between the human body and how it works like a machine and its connection with the complex interactions and workings of life on earth. Even before this journey , i planned my study around the ultimate goal of achieving a collection of anatomical drawings that represented the amazing complexity of the human anatomy and body in relation to our life. I knew this would take me deep into the mysterious corridors of the body and every detail would have to be considered. These small intricate details that possess the human body would eventually lead me through many doors and vivid insights and correlations that would shape the nucleus of my drawing collection using human anatomy but ultimately incorporate the human body and life in unison.

"Accommodating the Inner Facade"
 Justin Michael Jenkins

When i started the collection of twelve anatomical drawings in color after intense study of the human body, i began to immediately fuse objectivity with the internal structure creating mirrored illusions of what are made up of with what me actually create from our finished product as human beings. In "Accommodating the Inner Facade" (shown left), I created a room from the inner structure of the human head and skull along with tendons and muscle. The actual inner and outer parts of the head become an invitation to reside among it as a way of connecting the outside world. I wanted to elevate the human body out of the realm of the obvious distaste we sometimes have for our own tendons, muscles, veins, etc., and see this glorious creation as a mechanical masterpiece that relates to the outside world. If we turn our bodies inside out and study the entire process of how it functions, we would find a lot of the various parts and cellular structures have a certain resemblance to life and the objects around us. I wanted to reflect this connection in my surreal interpretations using bold color and symbolisms. 

My Anatomy Art Drawing Collection is my visual answer to the beauty and intrigue of the human body and the masterpiece our creator designed and its overall relationship with the bigger picture and dynamic of the universe and life. More importantly, the way the human body regenerates and adapts to certain circumstances both on the outside and inside leaves me bewildered and amazed. We all need to appreciate our brains, heart, lungs, and every organ right down to the cells that keep us alive and moving. In the end, i hope everyone appreciates the amazing beauty we possess within us and hopefully as a collective whole we can learn to use the bodies complex inner mechanics and somehow incorporate that into our daily life and life on earth.