Monday, February 24, 2014

Featured Drawing: "The Pulsating Ripples of Cosmic Grey Matter" from my Mind Collection

"Pulsating Ripples of Cosmic Grey Matter." Pencil on board. 
Dear collectors, buyers, visitors, and friends,

Every once in a while I will give my own unique perspective into the creation, ideas, and flow that went on before and during the creation of a selected drawing from my collections. While all of my creations are open to a wide variety of interpretations, I also like to share what was going on in my mind and the overall process from start to finish. With that in mind, the drawing I chose to discuss today is my work entitled, "The Pulsating Ripples of Cosmic Grey Matter" from my mind collection. I hope you enjoy this feature and my comments and analysis of what went on during the creation of this work of art.

Today i want to discuss a work which focuses on the surreal and scientific relationship between the mysterious landscape of the mind and the infinite dynamic of the universe. In this particular creation, my whole intention was to showcase the unison between the mind and the universe and how the power of the mind within the subconscious, conscious, and unconscious realms somehow relate to the overall forces within the cosmic universe. To visually reflect this fusion between the two, i decided on actually creating a galactic world that shows the intense structural growth and expansion of this galaxy that is formed by brains themselves. These galaxies, as seen in the drawing, begin to expand and grow as rubber band like strings ripple outward and begin the formation of many clusters of stars and worlds. I wanted the brains to act as the foundations for the creation of each galaxy. Within these brains, large round spheres begin to form the star clusters that will act as the center of these worlds. The entire message within the composition needs to flow and harmonize with the use of color, form, shape, and the breakdown and rebuilding of the three into an explosive creation and imaginary world.

As the work progressed, i saw opportunities to use the strong like band that symbolizes the expansive nature of the universe and the flexibility of the dark matter that is invisiible to the naked eye. If you look closely, the band stretches from the left of the work and begins to spiral into one galaxy forming and then proceeds to the next galaxy and so on. This band acts as a binding agent that balances the compositional space and structure of the forms and shapes. As brains begin to form worlds, split into molecular matter, and grow from various areas within this cosmic world from stems, the entire work is fused together by the use of color, light, and the precise placement and breakdown of many of these organic forms. The effect i wanted to achieve was an explosive and intense impact like this world is actually pulsating and growing before our very eyes amidst the magical colors and lighting that adds to the overall atmosphere. Like the majesty of the mysterious landscape of the mind and its hidden power we have yet to unlock, the distant creation of new galaxies and worlds also has an imperial and magical awe inspiring beauty and power to this creation. I wanted this work to invade the senses in such a way as to both make the viewer spellbound by the beauty and perplexed by the complex dynamic of this world as it forms before their eyes. I hope i have achieved what i set out to do and i realize some viewers may have a certain sensory reaction to it that is different than someone elses. I also want a cerebral quality to my drawings that make the viewer think about life and the universe and take a second look around them. I feel this gives the viewer a multi-dimensional experience where emotion, intellect, and their own intuition can play a part in deciphering the many hidden and visible structures and vibrancy of the colors.

I hope you enjoyed my comments regarding this piece and if you want to add any questions to this article please send an email to me at and i will respond to any further questions you may have about this work or the process of creation. If you would like more about my style and approach visit the other pages of this blog. I want to personally thank you for reading my blog and i hope you find it interesting and informative.