Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm starting to embrace Social Media more and more...

Ever hear of Klout? I didn't until I stumbled onto it doing research for my twitter account and subsequently found articles about it. So how does Klout have anything to do with me marketing my art style online through twitter and other means? Klout measures the influence you have in a particular area of expertise and how many people read and engage what you write or share with them. I was pleasantly surprised to see when I logged in that I had a score of 78. According to my research, this score is quite good and is based on my influence in particular areas. A big part of this score is my engaging dialogue with other fellow artists and scholars on twitter. It shows roughly 80% of this score is due in large part to this network.

The reason i'm writing this is because lately I have been very passionate about social media and it's rewards. I think if we all look at the bigger picture we would see a whole new dimension of contact without actually being in a real life crowd or situation. We now have the versatility of branching out across the world in our hopes that our voice or message will be heard and appreciated. This is a very worthwhile prospect and vision but one that takes tremendous patience and work. I find that to truly become influential you need to actively engage with followers on these platforms and publish fresh and interesting material that helps someone in some small or large way. Being an artist, I use this opportunity to promote fellow artists I enjoy and contribute blog entries about creativity, art, and some tips and advice here and there. Like every worthwhile endeavor, engaging in this unique medium requires and understanding of the strategies involved. This is where Klout, for me, is a welcome breath of fresh air. Many doubt it's appeal and legitimacy, but I think in the end, this network for social measurement has a lot of positive foundations that can be used to become more influential in whatever profession you are in and promote online.

I now use Klout to measure my activity and motivate me to contribute on a larger scale through publications, discussions, and sharing tips, ideas, and my own work as a vehicle for conversation and debate among my peers and fellow artisans. My score has now shot up to a 79 which is in the top 1% according to my research. For some odd reason, as an artist and a  guy who likes concrete measurement, I am proud of this score because I do engage with other people and care about their opinions, etc. I don't just post my work and have a selfish approach to social media. It has been a fun and rewarding journey that has led me to meet many other great artists and create a fascinating dialogue that helps me grow and learn along the way! I would strongly recommend embracing this network, and as much as the score might not reflect what you think you contribute, it ultimately will help keep you focused and motivate you. Check your klout score out today and use it as a way of motivating you to new heights of interaction online.