Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Dance of the Spirit: My Exploration into Color

"The Eternal Discord of Entwined Temptations" from my
Spiritual Art Drawing Collection.
Every artist has their own deep seeded need to express themselves through the inspiration of various musings. Harnessing and latching onto our inner child and through a sheer act of courageous expression, we lay our souls on the line to convey what we feel is our vision of the world, whether this reverberates our inner need for healing and personal understanding. As we evolve as artists and our understanding of ourselves translates even deeper into our imagery or medium, we tend to gravitate towards subconsciously achieving a feeling that resonates from the shapes, objects, lines, and colors. Like a spirit caged and awaiting flight into the unknown, we set out to create an enlightened trail of liberation using light and color in many ways to achieve the psychology behind our imagery. Light and color are the natural essence of what makes life beautiful, and the grandness of this pivotal source of inspiration gives our souls a feeling of comfort and hope against the darkness that can sometimes overwhelm this natural grace in our lives.

When I set out on my own personal journey to define who I was an artist, I began with black and white pencil and focused on making the objectivity speak for itself . I soon began finding my inner spirit slowly gravitating towards the beauty and majesty of color as a way of not only expressing the jubilation of life on its highest planes of beauty, but also as a way of using color as a psychological component to the symbolisms that inherently took shape in my vision of the world. For me, color was like finding a magical bridge that connected me from the grounded world to a higher place of transcendence. It spoke to me on some universal level. Although I found monochrome experiments to be very resourceful in teaching me to focus on objectivity and detail, the addition of color was like taking a one note song and turning it into a fury of sound that created an epic dance. Once the dance started, I felt as if I was the composer of a song that could lead to anywhere and guide my visions of the world to new heights of splendor. The colors could dance with each other and create patterns of movement weaving in nd out of the objects, shapes, and line. This became the heartbeat for my compositions and gave the objects a pulse that reverberated around the work leading the viewer into multiple levels of feeling.

"The Orchestration of Metaphysical Motion" from my
Anatomy Art Drawing Collection.
One of my fascinations with the effects color has on our senses is the way a color can exude a sensation of warmth or coolness and also tickle our emotions in a way that elevates the work beyond the actual imagery conveyed. It adds a delightfully poignant reminder that beneath all the beautiful substance of the worlds we inhabit there is a grand spirit or pulse that creates the vibration of all existing things. It unifies us all and liberates us from a mundane world of monotonous tones by setting our emotions free and feeding our senses. The colors that paint our world are symbolic of the unique personalities that shape who we are, yet when blended together they create new colors that unify them. Although we are all unique, we all share a common bond and like this union of the spirit, color becomes the champion unifier. Each object dances in unison with each other as the grand sound of the song echo's my vision  into the senses of the viewer.