Monday, March 19, 2007

Poetry and Art - My Drawing "Three Ballerinas" set to Poetry in a literature contest!

While checking my website statistics like i usually do weekly, i noticed an interesting amount of traffic coming from an online literature forum / site. I decided to check it out and found that a person by the name of "autolycus", who i think is a professor of poetry or english, found my art online and decided to create a poetry contest from this work of art! What a cool idea i thought to myself, and i was intrugued by what poems they would come up with. They have already begun posting some poems from the image, and i find all of them very inspiring. The use of words in relation to one another can create such beauty like the way i place shape, line, and form to create my vision.

I am having a hard time picking a favorite, but here is one poem by "Adolescent09" which goes like this:

"Triple meter unset,
Melody rounds roulette
They turn to pirouette.

Three sisters at the dance
Stop their legs in coy stance
Eyes balk with girlish glance.

Synch in legs, arms and feet
Pitch and hurl to the beat
Fold midriff to a pleat.

Balance, poise, ballet springs,
Mother glares in the wings
Violins sway in swings.

Sister one spins on toes,
Sister two roughly flows,
Sister three down she goes."

The deadline for this poetry contest based on my work "Three Ballerinas" is April 1st, according to autolycos, who started the contest.

To see the other poems just click Here

Thanks Autolycus for using my work!
Justin ~~~