Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dynamic Abstract Drawings that Reveal the Underlying Scientific Energy of Life

The Animated Perspective of Nocturnal Wandering by pencil artist Justin Michael Jenkins from his abstract collectionWhen we observe a scene from a distance, we see what we perceive as reality in its physical state. What we find impossible to view with the naked eye is the small particle interactions that make up this physical matter that structures our reality. These molecular and scientific associations create patterns of invisible energy that create many interesting and powerful forces that help nature, humanity, and life on earth in sustaining itself. These mysterious forces, although revealed and explained in certain areas of science to some degree, remain a constant intellectual and curious discussion and debate on how they interact and associate themselves to create physical matter and their relationship with the infinite universe. I have taken this curious and mysterious energy force and attempted to represent this underlying dynamic in my own unique vision and approach. I seek to reveal with x-ray vision the underlying invisible swirling forces that swirl and interact in and around us.

Detail of The Animated Perspective of Nocturnal Wandering by pencil artist Justin Michael Jenkins from his mind collectionWith the use of color, shape, and the breakdown of physical form into tiny particles of energy that interact with each other, I have taken the organic and geometric forms found within our cells, bodies, life on earth, and the universe, and fused all these elements into dynamic scientific landscapes that attempt to seek the truth of this energy. I am essentially taking an everyday scene or subject and then with the help of an analyzed approach to the various forms and shapes, forge ahead on a journey to an unknown and mysterious world that is a balance between science and art. Spiraling bands of color that mirror our own DNA structure, geometric shape, and organic forms all collide within the composition to create an explosive array of elements that challenge the viewer on many levels of sensation. The impact of the various color against the varying degress of form dissection create layers of distinction that balance the scientific dynamic the artist seeks to subject the viewer too. I wants the viewer to get caught in the myriad of energy from the form and color and to become unified with the overall science. It's as if we are extraterrestrials looking in on our world here on earth and viewing the intricate dynamic that goes on beneath the surface of our physical reality.

Garden of Reflections by pencil artist Justin Michael Jenkins from his abstract collectionThe first example at the top of this page, "The Animated Perspective of Nocturnal Wandering", reveals a night scene where five humans are engaged in their own unique way in this scene. I seek the truth underneath this scene and attempts to fuse the geometric and organic structures as he creates a scientific world of color, shape, and form. The emphasis within this work is unifying the breakdown of form into small particles of energy that create patterns of movement that coincide with the overall structure. The second example, "Garden of Reflections", explores a world where a young woman in a garden setting is contemplating life and her thoughts as I break the forms down and with careful precision and balance, fusing all the elements into an explosive scientific world of energy and patterns of color. I also createe a reflection of the woman in the lower right side of the work with a seemless fit into the overall dynamic of the entire work. He has sewn in her reflection in such a way that it aids the balance and impact of the entire work.

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Abstract Art Drawing Collection by artist Justin Michael Jenkins

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