Thursday, September 19, 2013

Advice I have for someone who wants to learn to better appreciate visual arts?

Visual Arts allows a person to explore their own inner personality and ideas on the world through their shared visions. It is a personal journey that has a tremendous value on society and our world. It opens doors to unknown territories that the human mind, spirit, and soul need to explore. We all live in a world where rules, conventional laws, and a blueprinted series of routine chores seem to try and box us into a routine existence. A lot of us are influenced by others and slowly move towards the majority way of thinking. This can be healthy in many ways, but visual art and the process of creating provides an opportunity to guide us to think for ourselves and explore areas that are unknown to us and the masses. It gives our spirits and souls an open ocean for sailing freely without being limited or constrained by distraction and what everyone thinks we should be doing or exploring. Children benefit greatly from visual art as they can allow their minds the freedom to play and to construct their own worlds by exploring their personality and inner soul. This can lead to more independent thinking and more confidence in their ability to steer clear of too many influences and voices who can naturally devoid them of naturally growing and nurturing their own unique point of view. The danger in not exploring their personality through visual expression can be a life that is created for them and not by them. The process of creating empowers one with their own ship they can steer any direction and explore unknown territories on an open ocean of dreams and desires.